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We provide a variety of web services that range from “Just get me on the web” to “I need an online store for my business”. Here is a quick breakdown on what you might get for a basic website service:

Having a fully functional website is becoming the norm for any business in any industry. Not only does it give your business a more polished and professional appeal, it can also help your business gain new clients and generate more sales with e-commerce functionality.


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Our Web Development services include:

        3 page basic static website

        Mobile ready and responsive for smartphones and tablets

        Contact form and email service

        SEO keywords and content

        Monthly Maintenance


homespice e-commerce homepage
Homespice e-commerce website


Need a little bit more functionality? We have got you covered. For a more advanced website service we offer:

        E-commerce integration to sell your products online.

        Database system to conveniently manage your data on your server.

        User login capabilities and authentication.


Stay Up to Date

We utilize the lasted methodology in web development technology to deliver websites with fast load times and enhanced user experience. Schedule an appointment with us today to see how we can contribute to your next web development project.


What’s the Deal with SEO?

Having a website is just the beginning. Search Engine Optimization is crucial to having your site appear at the top of modern search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo!. In this day and age consumers have become accustomed to punching in keywords into these search engines versus memorizing a traditional URL. 

What you put on your website matters to these search engines and a poor choice in keywords or site structure can impact how potential clients can find your website. Consumers favor websites that land on the front page of these search engines and consider them to be the most professional and are more likely to give these sites their business.