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5 Ways to Make Small Business Video Work for You


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The Internet houses one of the most powerful technologies ever created: video. Popular apps like Tik Tok and Instagram have changed how we can tell our story. Local businesses are no different and quick to realize this. And all over the world businesses are taking notes and the future of business video is brighter than before.
Here’s the good news: This is only the beginning! Video in 2022 has been nothing but a foundation to the possibilities of great marketing. How will video affect businesses in 2023? We are only a few days away but let’s be honest, when was the last time you turned to the Yellow Pages?

Learning how to take a great business video has never been easier than before

You may not have given taking a great small business video much thought. The truth is, no matter what industry, there are real benefits using video to grow a small business.
Don’t think you need all kinds of crazy equipment to start either. You can still take great videos for your business on a mobile device. All you need is a little composition and some creativity and you’re ready to go! As you develop your style you can solidify your brand which can lead you to be an authority in your industry.
A good place to start is to watch other businesses’ videos online to see how they craft their messaging. You can emulate the parts you think will show off your product or service and let the views come in.
Below are a few quick reasons to prove how video can leverage your business into new heights:

Fair Warning!

Many businesses make the mistake that ‘views’ and ‘likes’ alone will drive up sales. This is far from the truth. The Internet and social media are in fact a fantastic medium for connecting people. Unfortunately there are misconceptions businesses have when it comes to views.
A lot of businesses will base the success of their video on initial views alone. They make a video hoping it will go viral and get millions of views within a month. They do this with the mentality of trying to please everyone. The reality is that method is quite old fashioned.
Thriving businesses today understand they must concentrate their audience rather than expand it. A well-targeted 800 views can reap a lot more benefits than 100,000 unplanned ones. Leave global exposure to the big boys like Nike and Starbucks. Small business videos can be a goldmine with proper planning and the right audience.
Clear, consistent exposure is what matters the most. Experiment with low-volume keywords and hashtags to promote your content when you post. This helps ensure your content doesn’t get buried in oversaturated tags and topics. If you are looking for some advanced planning, here are some great tools out there to help you with keyword research.
Now with that said, on with the show!
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Effective Business Videos Identify a Pain Point

These are the problems your business solves for your clients. Using video for this purpose allows you to show your clients you understand their needs. Next time you watch a video ad try to identify the pain point the advertiser is trying to address. Whether it’s paper towels, fast food, or the best paint for your living room walls – these are all pain points! As small businesses we are here to solve real problems no matter what size.
The beauty of these kinds of videos is having the ability to go all out on a creative level. Your small business video can be funny, whimsical, realistic, or even a deadpan comedy. The key is being able to address your potential clients’ needs so when they view it they say “That’s me!”.

Explain Your Mission and Goals

Most businesses have one: a mission, a philosophy, or core values. Many also have a page dedicated to this on their website. But who actually reads it? And if a prospective client does read it, how do you know they interpreted the emotion the right way?
Explainer videos are not magic, they only need to answer one thing: Do you believe in your business? It’s as simple as taking 2 minutes to give context to your small business video and reap instant rewards. People like knowing they are buying from people who care.
The key word here is ‘connection’; how do you want to connect with your audience? You can touch on locality, sustainability, giving back, the sky’s the limit! Inserting a little passion or emotion to your video can go miles and net you a lifetime customer.
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Business Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The secret is out – search engines LOVE video. The second largest search engine in the world is Youtube (also owned by Google, the first!). So how does it work? Glad you asked!
There is still some mystery on the workings of search engines but they do favor video when it comes to page ranks. Your page rank (where your site appears in search results) benefits from the quality of content it has. And even though search engines do not ‘watch’ videos, they do read video “metadata”.
Metadata is information associated with your small business video. The title, description, and tags you give your business video are all metadata. On Youtube this is the information you can fill out while the video is uploading. This data gives your small business video more context along with the rest of your site which is a huge bonus!
Not only that but it can boost your SEO by living on more than one channel! Remember when I said Youtube is also a search engine? There are millions of users who use Youtube to search for information and services. The moral is: The more relevancy you add to your site the better!


Like our headline says – “Seeing is Believing”. Providing video demonstrations are some of the best ways to show credibility. By showing your capable knowledge and confidence, you can provide value upfront! Pair this with Reason #1 and you’ll be able to address pain points with ease.
The key here is to educate and turn prospects into leads. The goal is to make sure the consumer of this content leaves with something. Say you run a new automotive shop.
A good video to your services can show viewers how to test their tire alignment at home and schedule a service. Or you might want to show off the latest sanitation practices at your dental office. The beauty here is you get to shine at what you do best!
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Love them or hate them, online reviews are some of the most powerful influences when buying. Why not amplify the positives by giving those with a good experience a voice? Testimonials help both future clients and build the relationship with your current clientele.
There can be such a thing as the perfect customer! If you can identify a current customer you wouldn’t mind seeing everyday, now’s your chance! It’s like saying – “like attracts like”. What better tool to onboard potential clients than using one of their own?
Once you find a valued customer, offer them free service if they’d like to provide a video review. Chances are good this move will pay back dividends.

Bonus – Monetization / Offer Courses

What if you could work while you sleep? Sounds impossible? Not with a well crafted video! You can productize your services from your small business in the forms of e-courses.
Think about it, you attract business because you know or offer a service people want to pay for. Unfortunately you might be the only person who cannot serve everyone at once. Instead of turning down potential clients, why not direct them to an online video course? This way they can pay how to do it like you do!

Let’s try this scenario:

Chris, a certified plumber, has a full schedule of clients daily but due to his service area. He must keep his prices low to meet his competitors’ rates. He decides to sell video courses on his website showing how to fix common issues homeowners face.
Chris understands sometimes these jobs are an easy fix anyone can do. He prices these videos at a lower price than what a professional call would charge.
Tammy, who has bought an older Victorian house with faulty pipes, recently moved to Chris’ area. Other plumbing companies who have quoted her thousands of dollars. She decides to buy Chris’ 2-hour course on replacing faulty pipes in an older home.
In one of his video courses, Chris warns of a chemical found in household cleaners that erode older pipes. Tammy inspects several of her cleaning products and BINGO! There it is! Tammy saved herself a potential home remodel by switching laundry detergents.
Now who do you think Tammy will call when her water heater breaks down?


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Business Video – The Practical Reasons

It’s not hard to see the effect video has on small businesses. It works as a practical and affordable medium to get your name out there on a budget. Incorporating video into your small business can be a serious game-changer. Remember consistency is key so make sure any content you put out there is high quality and full of value. That includes a well maintained and optimized website.

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